Kevin Gates – Kno One


Brand New Track by Kevin Gates.Aimed at the ladies, It’s a lot slower than his lastest mixtape “Murder For Hire”. Sounds like the type of songs he use to record before ” By Any Means.”  Check it out after the jump


Download Here


2 thoughts on “Kevin Gates – Kno One

  1. Kevin Gates you are so stupid actually u r a stupid mutherfucker. Why the fuck would u kick a fan u idiot. How would u feel if someone kicked ur mother or sister or aunt smh I so hope this ruin ur career stupid dumb ass fuck. Hve ur mother ever told u not to hit a female let alone kick a female. I hope u go to jail for that dumb shit u disgust me with yo simple ass. Use to b fan now I hope u fall off the face of earth to

    1. Jus heard on tmz that kevin gates was charged with simple battery yaaaaaaaaaaaaa im happy about that u stupid simple minded idiot if it wasnt for ur fans who would u b¿ B thankful u dnt kick ur fans especially female fan

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