Trying My Hand At Streaming


Hello World. Bruce Parker Here…
I’ve found a new passion in streaming. Streaming video game is as simple as you watching my play from your smart phone, laptop, or PC. If you’re familiar with the process then you know about the website Twitch It allows gamers to broadcast their live gameplay. Before the current generation of home consoles (PS4 & Xbox1) You couldn’t stream without the equipment. The current gen comes with stream capabilities. You can check me out playing some Black Ops 3 Team Death Match below

I fancy myself a Hardcore gamer that want’s to share said game play with the world. I don’t have a set schedule yet for when I’ll be broadcasting, but I do plan on being on often. At the moment the only games I have on my PS4 is MKX, Black Ops 3, The Walking Dead Game Season 2, & Advanced Warfare. I just want you witness me grow my brand. Planet Shive is a brand.

Screenshot (526)

Follow my Twitch Channel Here

Be on the look for my next Podcast too. I had a snag in the operation, but I’ll be back at the top of the year.


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