Overwatch is a very popular hero based shooter that dropped on the 24th. If you are even kind of a gamer then I guarantee you have already heard about it. I am just going to offer a summary of the game for those of you who aren’t as familiar.

Overwatch is made by Blizzard, the powerhouse behind games like Diablo and World of Warcraft. The goal of Overwatch is to be a more accessible game than the traditional fps and still deliver the depth that good shooters have perfected. Unlike popular shooters like Call of Duty and Battlefield, Overwatch commits to the idea of being a team based shooter. When I say commit I mean Blizzard chose not to include a team death match mode in Overwatch. This game is truly meant for you to play with a group of friends.

Overwatch sports a cast of 21 characters that each fill one of four roles. These roles are offense, defense, tank, and support. The impressive part of the roster is that each character is completely unique and require a different playstyle than characters in their own role. For example, the characters Lucio and Mercy are both support characters. Lucio has a higher movement speed because of his skates while mercy can lock on to an ally and fly directly to them. Lucio grants a speed boost and heals by just being near teammates while mercy has to directly shoot her teammates to heal them. They are both very good at their job, but how you use them will be completely different.

The game contains 4 game modes: assault, escort, control, and assault/escort. The goal of assault is to take a point or prevent the opposing team from taking a point. Escort’s goal is to escort a payload across the map. Control is both teams trying to occupy the same point. Assault/Escort is literally a mix of the first two game modes. To promote team play Overwatch wants players to focus on the objective. To this effect kills and deaths matter  less because you get scored on all aspects of the match including eliminated enemies (in Overwatch a slain enemy is referred to as eliminated, all characters who  helped get the kill get an equal score), time on objective, and any gimmick your characters can employ. Deaths are not scored. In Overwatch your scores are private so the only thing you share with your team are wins and losses.

In closing, Overwatch is for dedicated gamers and casuals alike. If you are interested but not really into shooters I bet you will find reasons to get into this one. For shooter fans who are tired of the same old, Overwatch offers a fresh style and a new challenge.


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