Planet Shive x Battlefield 1 Review


Battlefield 1 has been our for a little over a week now. The launch went well at least for me there were no server issues and I found games relatively quickly. First things first I have to say that this game looks gorgeous. Easily the best graphics I have ever seen in an fps.
Here’s a quick break down of what you can expect from Battlefield 1 in case you are still on the fence about buying it.
Let’s start off with the beginning of the campaign. Battlefield 1 takes place in an alternate history version of World War 1. This war was one of the bloodiest in history and whole empires were ended. Battlefield 1 begins by dropping you in the middle of a battle and teaches the basics of playing until you are ultimately killed by the enemy. Every time you die you are switched to another ultimately disposable soldier until the battle ends and there are only two men left standing.

The campaign is divided into 5 parts each with a difference protagonist and from a different army. Unlike traditional fps campaigns you are not locked into some small room or on a rail. The missions utilize huge areas and actively introduce you to features of the game that may come in handy for multiplayer. One level puts you in the cockpit of a plane and explains how to fly and the new features exclusive to this game. Another level puts you in an elite class, the Sentry, and you become a nearly unstoppable walking tank. The campaigns are told to you from the perspective of the protagonists in the present. Which gives it the feeling of old war stories being told by your grandfather (except with explosions).

The multiplayer is where this game truly shines. Battlefield 1 sticks to the class based character design (with some changes)  and allows you to customize your loadout as you see fit. The classes are:
Assault – a bad ass with lots of explosives
Support – ammo supply and vehicle repair
Medic – insta-revives and healing
Scout – the sniper

It’s a bit of a switch from last game but I consider it to be a welcome change. The maps are huge so of course Battlefield gives you a multitude of vehicle options to cross the map quickly from tanks and planes to boats and trucks. Each vehicle comes with different armor ratings, weapons, and speed.
Learning the classes and vehicles are pivotal to success in this game. You will notice I didn’t mention teamwork, because if nothing else Battlefield makes it painfully clear how important team work is to succeed. There is no better feeling than working with your squad to take and defend objectives.

In closing this is a must have for any fans of previous Battlefield installments, people who miss the simpler days of bolt action rifles and (now illegal) chemical warfare, fans of destructible environments (if you shoot it, it will break), and anyone who wants a satisfying team based multiplayer experience.

I am also including a link of a match a recently played it isn’t anything special, I just wanted to have a visual aid:

Review written by Alec Fields



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